Meet our 2023 Speakers

Michael and Alicia Hernon

who we are,
what we do

Our mission is to empower parents, strengthen marriage and bring families to Christ. This is done through our podcast, short videos, downloadable resources, and live events.

We have found that families are hungry for these resources, and we are here to help. Marriage and family is where the rubber hits the road with faith and values in our society, and the best thing we can do to help our world is to renew and strengthen marriage and family life.

A couple of years ago our younger siblings and their friends asked us to share with them our experiences via a podcast, so we jumped in! Both of us have been leaders in our own areas of life, but this podcast is the most exciting leadership or ministry position either of us has had–especially because we get to do it together!

we’re mike and alicia

We are parents just like you; we just have more kids than most people! These children have given us the opportunity to make lots of mistakes, talk a lot about how to love and form our kids, and have made us into the people we are today.

Our ten children are the greatest joy in our life. We love music, theater, playing board games, and watching the Philadelphia Eagles! Though not everyone in our family is a musician, we love to sing and make music together. We have always had at least one dog in the house, as well as a cat, fish, and a constantly fluctuating number of chickens. Our home is loud, active, and busy–probably just like yours. We are so happy to be able to share our lives and this ministry with you and we look forward to journeying with you.